The 8 most suitable dog breeds for guarding


If our four-legged friends are, without a doubt, full-fledged members of the family, some of them have the ability to assume, in addition, a role of guarding and protection.

Being man’s best friend, the dog is in a good position to ensure his safety and help him protect his home against possible aggressors or burglars.

The breeds most recognized for their protective role are often the large ones, such as Dobermann or German Shepherds, which are confident and strong, with a highly developed instinct to defend their family members. Smaller breeds such as Poodles or Chihuahuas can also protect your family by providing a watchful and alert role that will help you anticipate danger.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 breeds that are best suited for guarding.

The German Shepherd

Athletic and very robust, this dog with an extraordinary intelligence is known worldwide for its numerous aptitudes in the service of man. Protection and guarding are part of these criteria. Its large jaw and fangs will also be a great ally to protect your home and a very effective deterrent against strangers.

The Dobermann

Powerful and very loyal to its master, this beautiful dog will be unerring in protecting its family. Its charismatic body and appearance make it a first choice guard dog. He has a certain natural distrust of strangers. Beyond its very good aptitude to protect us, the Dobermann is an excellent companion of life. It is a very affectionate and endearing dog that will do anything to defend its family.

The Rottweiler

Strong and loyal, the Rottweiler will do anything to protect its owner and its home in case of danger. The Rottweiler has an incredible natural strength due to its morphology. It is one of the most popular guard dogs in the world because it is a great deterrent. Far from the generally accepted ideas, it is a very affectionate dog that gets along perfectly well with children. He will protect them with the same conviction that he puts at the service of his master. His imposing build (more than 40 kilos minimum), of which he is not always aware, can be responsible for some clumsiness.

The Belgian Malinois Shepherd

Alert, intelligent and very affectionate, he will defend you with strength and without hesitation in case of danger. Quite similar to the German Shepherd, both physically and in terms of aptitudes, it is a very good guard, defense and protection dog that is used a lot by the police. Doubled with a great loyalty to his master, it is an excellent dog for the protection of your home. Affectionate and close to his family, the Malinois Shepherd is relatively easy to train, provided that his excellent intelligence and his great need for exercise are taken into account.

The Great Dane

The imposing and characteristic appearance of the Great Dane is a real asset in deterring the unwary. Its incredible physique and impressive bark make it a first-rate watchdog. Again, the size of this dog is not incompatible with the presence of children. It is very affectionate with them as with its master, it is just necessary to be careful with the sudden movements of a dog as majestic as massive (72 to 90 cm for a weight included between 50 and 70 kilos on average).

The American Staffordshire Terrier

Solid, extremely powerful and endowed with an outstanding carrure, the American Staffordshire Terrier does not need to do much to show dissuasion with the people who deserve it. Faithful and affectionate with his master, it is a ball of energy which it is necessary to know to use and channel wisely thanks to a reasoned education.
The Bouvier des Flandres

This imposing and massive-looking dog generally shows an unfailing attachment and loyalty to his family. The impression of strength and power it gives off is very much appreciated by people looking for a watchdog. Moreover, it is a very courageous dog, endowed with a very marked instinct of protection. It is very suspicious of strangers.

The Boxer

With a powerful bone structure, this dog is recognized as one of the best defense and protection dogs. Very slender, it is a dog that, despite its average size, gives off an impression of athletic power. The Boxer is a real joy for family life. It is a cream with the children with whom it can play for hours. Courageous and vigilant, he will naturally fulfill a role of guardian for the whole family to whom he is very attached.

The Beauceron

A great companion, the Beauceron is also a very dissuasive dog thanks to its impressive physique. Often used to guard flocks, the Beauceron often uses this ability in the face of danger to protect and gather all members of his family. It is a faithful and attentive dog that will not let anyone harm its master. Naturally wary of strangers, its gentleness and docility make it a particularly easy dog to live with.

The Cane Corso

This energetic and affectionate dog is often used as a guard dog for its many defensive qualities. An Italian dog, the Cane Corso is a perfect protector for its master and his adoptive family, and excels in this area. Like many guard dogs, they are gentle, caring and loyal, but they have a great need to exercise physically and daily.