5 reasons why dogs lick their owners

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Many dog owners look forward to one thing after a long day at work, and that is to come home and enjoy the warm welcome of their dog. A feeling of well-being and satisfaction comes over us just by observing their reaction and their enormous joy of seeing us. If you think that our dogs lick us only to show us affection, well that is a mistake. There are many reasons why our dogs instinctively start licking us, but why do they do it?

Dogs express their feelings in different ways. But the one thing that all dogs of all breeds have in common is that they never stop licking their owners.

It’s their way of showing you how happy they are to have you home. They jump on you and lick your face. However, they may also do it to communicate with you, to re-enact situations from their childhood, out of habit or even to cope with stressful situations.

Find out why 5 possible explanations for dogs licking their owners:


Communication can be physical, such as when the dog wags his tail or barks. He is trying to tell us something through these gestures. It’s the same when he licks; your dog may be trying to tell you that he needs to eat. Indeed, the puppy has the habit of licking his mother to say that he is hungry and wants to get food. He reproduces it by mimicry in adulthood thinking that you will understand him as his natural mother.